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EpSpot works with society’s ongoing adaptation from having unsustainable systems to having sustainable energy systems by enabling smart solutions for electricity access.

EpSpot makes it easy for facility operators to sell electricity to those who need it and to safely manage power loads and extension of networks over time.

The company was founded in 2014, based on an innovative idea about how one might make electricity available to others in a real-time function, whatever outlets are available. Since then we’ve been able to produce the relevant technology together with strategic customers. We have patent in the EU, amongst other places, as well as having a number of patents pending. The name EpSpot is a shortened version of Electrical power Spot. EpSpot conducts its own product- and service development in Sweden. EpSpot and HEXA-sense are registered trademarks.

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EpSpot AB
VAT No: SE556 965 539101
Phone: + 46 8 519 708 08
Address: Segelbåtsvägen 2, 4th floor , 112 64 Stockholm, Sweden


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