EpSpot has been chosen by Vasakronan for new charging infrastructure

EpSpot AB has entered into a contract with Vasakronan as the corporate group’s strategic partner and main supplier of charging infrastructures and power management, allowing leaseholders and  tenants to charge their electricity electric vehicles.


EpSpot’s technology builds upon compact IOT-measuring modules that are centrally managed, so called ‘session-based electricity meters’. The technology is modular and can be installed in charging columns or directly in buildings.

“Session-based electricity meters make it easy to control flow-rates in the property’s electricity power-grid, allowing optimal usage, which is important when the aim is to offer competitive charging possibilities to leaseholders and tenants

The technology supports different types of outlets and suits all available electricity systems in buildings, as well as most electric vehicles, both within the existing infrastructures and new builds. A big advantage is that it becomes simpler to manage gradual re-fits as well as developments of the property’s charging infrastructure”, explains Jan Olin, VD at EpSpot AB.

Flexibility in technological platforms is important because of the fast-paced changes in technology, business models and infrastructure caused by the transformation from unsustainable to sustainable energy system in the society.

“We’re going to see an increased exchange in information between technological platforms, vehicles and electricity suppliers. EpSpot consider it important to work closely with the market’s most technologically forward-thinking players in order to expand what we can offer and we’re proud to have been chosen by Vasakronan”, concludes Jan.

About EpSpot

EpSpot wants to ease society’s ongoing adaptation from having unsustainable systems to having sustainable energy systems by enabling smart solutions for electricity management and re-sale of electricity. The innovative company has patents within the EU for the underlying technology as well as having a number of patents pending. EpSpot has received financial support from the Swedish energy agency and Vinnova

If you would like to read more about Vasakronan, click on the link below.


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