It’s now easy for facility operators to make their electricity available to others. Safely and profitably.

Session based electricity meters

Session-based electricity meters for various requirements, up to 22 kW. Measuring electrical parameters with high accuracy in sessions, with start and stop thanks to inbuilt relay, and real-time connectivity which uses the electricity cabling as a bearer of communication. Session-based electricity meters lay the foundation for power management and re-sale of electricity. The meters support all types of outlets, and are available in versions that can be directly connected to Type 1/Type 2 outlets.

Several installation options

Session-based electricity meters suit both new installations as well retro-fit of the current infrastructure. They can be found in charging pedestals, wallboxes, car heating encapsulations, as well as in distribution boards in conjunction with in-built installations with outlets. They can be connected to all types of outlets, and even directly to equipment. Your requirements and imagination are all that set the limit. The system can be easily installed by any electrician.

The power cables can also be used for connectivity, which saves costs with both installation and operation of the system,

Some of our clients

Re-sale and access control

Re-sale of electricity via EpSpot is a sustainable investment which pays for itself. At the same time your contributions help move society’s energy system in a sustainable direction.  The system offers access control, if needed. Users’ comfort is optimized thanks to interactive maps which make finding outlets easy, as well as offering access to real-time information about how delivery of their electricity is progressing

EpSpot offers a number of different business models. Whilst it’s always the installer of the outlets who sets the tariffs, users’ payments can be made in a number of ways: The user can pay by credit card; via a debit system such as reduction from their wage or even via another agreed method. The business model can be combined so that different groups or individual users have different methods of payments. There is support available for more advanced coupon or discount models, which can be used in customer loyalty programs. Simple integration via REST APIs.

Power guard & Load control

Avoid overload of fuses and cabling whilst also reducing costs for purchase of electricity by compensating power leaks. EpSpots unique service makes this possible, whether it’s via new installations or retro-fit of the current infrastructure, and whatever the type of outlet.

Available power is distributed through supervised sessions. Electricity sessions that are delivered via normal electricity outlets are supervised so that they neither overload -nor fall below- the allocated power load.  The number of sessions are controlled so that that total effect in a node is not overloaded.

This can even be combined with an automatic queue system that manages excess demand.

When power load is via Mode3 charging  (with cars) the available effect is automatically divided through defined methods, for instance equalizing the available power load.

It’s possible to control the effect outlet and offer advanced services, whichever type of outlet is offered. As the owner of the establishment, one can easily take control of the power load equations within the existing infrastructure, and from there manage gradual development of the system over time

How it works