EpSpot RTTS is the robust service creating micro transactions between outlets and users in real time.



Business models

EpSpot RTTS supports most needs through a comprehensive selection of business models.

Access control

EpSpot RTTS contains a number of alternatives for management of access control which range from app- based authentication to authentication via third party systems via rest based API

Load control

All owners of electrical infrastructure can increase safety by controlling the effect flow through fuses and cables. In that way one can use the current infrastructure for a new purpose and gradually build it out in correlation with changing demands whilst avoiding expensive investments in too early a stage. And the owners of the electricity contract with so-called ‘effect tariffs’ can make large savings by avoiding effect peaks, since these can otherwise be costly.


EpSpot RTTS minimizes the need for customer service. Users receive help via the app in order to find free outlets and to have full control over their electricity sessions so one can see how the charging is progressing, whilst at the same time receiving push notifications in the case of major occurrences. Tailored tips on suggested actions in such occurrences teaches the user over time.

System administrators have a full overview of the status and performance in the control panel.