Popbox RTTS deep

The big picture

Solutions become more powerful, flexible and insured for the future when they are moved to the cloud. Media, such as music and radio, already exist in the cloud- now it’s the turn of electrical effect control and re-sale.

EpSpot RTTS in short

EpSpot RTTS is the cloud-based real-time service for electricity management which completes a current or new infrastructure with a new functionality for safe management of power loads, implement new business models and create better accessibility. The EpSpot RTTS Service creates micro transactions between the user and the outlet. The system  can be controlled from apps that the user can download for free, or via other systems

Comprehensive support for error-handling means that the need for customer service is kept to a minimum. EpSpot RTTS:

  • is on a global scale and is delivered directly from a global internet infrastructure without the need advanced configurations such as port openings or VPN tunnels
  • offers the highest data safety thanks to extensive encryptions and the fact that personal data is handled within local equipment
  • manages everything in real-time, from power control, transactions to credit control
  • is easy to integrate with other systems thanks to an API structure which simply and safely expose comprehensive functionality
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